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About Inflation Bites

Great recipes with fewer ingredients under $15.

With the cost of groceries climbing, most of us are finding it difficult to keep within our budgets and still serve great food. This problem is further complicated by supply chain issues and suddenly unavailable ingredients. A recent Consumer Price Index report found that the cost of groceries had risen almost 10% in the previous year alone.  Some items, like eggs, had risen over 30%. If your food costs are rising but your food budget is not, you need to find strategies for meal planning and recipes that keep one eye firmly fixed on costs.

 We hope that the information and recipes presented here will encourage readers to feel in control and to serve great food even as costs rise.  

Homemade Hummus

Recipes presented here are:

  • Inexpensive:  Recipes will cost under $15 for 2-4 servings, and many will cost around $2/serving.

  • Easy to Prepare: Most recipes can be made well by beginning cooks with a minimum of kitchen tools and gadgets. 

  • Based on Available Ingredients: We will avoid recipes containing hard-to-find ingredients or those only available in certain regions of the country.  Nearly everything will be available at your local Walmart, Sam's Club, Aldi or other grocery.  

  • Convenient: Many of these ideas and recipes will allow cooking things ahead and storing in the freezer— so you can grab a meal on the go.  

Citrus Fruits
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